Create an Elegant Looking Room on a Budget in Oklahoma City

High End Decorating: 7 Simple Budget Tricks

Turning your Oklahoma City apartment into an elegant looking living space doesn't have to cost a fortune. You can use a few helpful and frugal apartment decorating tips to create a lovely setting in your apartment without draining your bank account. One of the easiest tricks to making a living space look more upscale is by getting rid of the … [Read more...]

What to Wear During Winter Runs Around Bluff Creek Park

Above or Below Freezing: What to Wear on Winter Runs

Deciding on what attire to wear for a winter run can be a very difficult task. You want to dress appropriately for the weather, but also stay comfortable and warm. It’s very easy to overdress, but keep in mind that your body’s temperature will rise while running in 32-degree weather. Here are a few tips on what to wear during winter runs around … [Read more...]

Take Plants Off Your Patios to Escape Winter in OKC

How To Acclimate Plants Indoors For Winter

If you've been cultivating a container garden or growing houseplants outdoors at our apartments in Oklahoma City with patios, it's time to bring them in to escape the winter cold. Check your plants for bugs, mites, and other unwanted "visitors" before you bring them indoors, to prevent these pests from turning your apartment into their new … [Read more...]

Relax Away from Stress Beside Your OKC Fireplace

Relax Away from Stress Beside Your OKC Fireplace

The post-holiday season is a stressful time for many Americans. Take a break in our Oklahoma City apartments with fireplaces, and let your stress melt away. Wood-burning fireplaces offer a variety of benefits to our residents. Fireplaces are a cheap supplement to central heating. The wood costs less than gas or electricity, but it can keep you … [Read more...]

Add Oil to Your Dog’s Diet for Better Fur in Oklahoma City

Add Oil to Your Dog's Diet for Better Fur in Oklahoma City

Here at our pet-friendly apartments in Oklahoma City, we want both our human and canine residents to be happy during the winter. With the temperature drop, there comes a need for not only more clothing, but more moisturizer. While you might put on lotion, what about your pooch? To help your dog during this time, try adding oil to his diet for a better … [Read more...]

See the Pops Concert “All that Jazz” in Oklahoma City

See the Pops Concert All that Jazz in Oklahoma City

It just doesn’t get any better than, “All That Jazz.”  If you have never been to a Pops concert, this is definitely one of the concerts in Oklahoma City at the Philharmonic to see. On Jan. 23 and 24 at 8:00 p.m., the Oklahoma Philharmonic will feature, “All that Jazz.”  You will hear music from Cabaret, Chicago and New York, New York.  The … [Read more...]

Treadmill Workout to Help Burn off Holiday Calories in Oklahoma City

Treadmill Workout to Help Burn off Holiday Calories in Oklahoma City

The holiday season wreaks havoc on diets, so it's vital that you step up your exercise routine to offset the extra calories. These modifications to traditional treadmill workouts will give you a more efficient workout at our apartments in Oklahoma City with fitness center access. 10-Minute Treadmill: You don't have to spend hours in the gym to … [Read more...]

Party During the Holidays with Events in Downtown Oklahoma City


If you're looking for things to do near you this holiday season, Oklahoma City is the perfect place to live. Holiday events in Downtown Oklahoma City abound, so mark your calender based on their website events calendar. Two especially exciting events, the Film Row Holiday Party and the Red Earth Holiday Open House, will keep your family … [Read more...]

Tips to Help Ease Your Cat During Visits to the Oklahoma City Vet


Living at our pet-friendly apartments in Oklahoma City provides you and your cat with everything you need for the utmost comfort on a daily basis. Here are five tips that will help you maintain the same level of comfort for your cat during a visit to one of Oklahoma City's vets: Check your cat regularly so your furry friend can get used to … [Read more...]

Entertainment and Food at Musashi’s in Oklahoma City

Entertainment and Food at Musashi's in Oklahoma City

Going out for a night on the town is an excellent way to unwind after a stressful week at work. There are few joys as simple and enjoyable as gathering some close friends and having a nice dinner. It can be even better when the restaurant you choose also provides entertainment while you eat. If you're interested in checking out new restaurants in … [Read more...]

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VIDEO: See Our Tulsa Apartments Up Close


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How to Get Residents to Attend Community Events

How to Get Residents to Attend Community Events

Hosting resident events is a great way to foster a sense of community and engage your residents throughout the year. When it comes to resident retention tips, it's important to understand that our residents are seeking more than just a place to live; they are seeking places to grow, thrive, and enjoy living within a fabulous apartment … [Read more...]

Case Communities Put You Close to WSU Aerospace Engineering

Case Communities Put You Close to WSU Aerospace Engineering

Wichita is the Air Capital of the World and home to the sixth oldest aerospace engineering department in the nation. Our apartments in Wichita are located near Wichita State University, a school that’s benefited from the city’s rich aviation history. The city is home to major aircraft companies like Boeing, Cessna, Hawker Beechcraft, and … [Read more...]

Retention Tip: Provide Better Customer Service to Residents

Retention Tip Provide Better Customer Service to Residents

Customer service is at the core of any business. Whether it's a restaurant or a telecom company, it's important to keep clients satisfied with the products and services you have to offer them. The same is true in the residential apartment industry. The following resident retention tips are ones we take to heart at Case & Associates. At the core … [Read more...]

Get to Know Residents by Name to Keep Them Happy

Get to Know Residents by Name to Keep Them Happy

What's in a name? The answer is that everything is in a name. It's a personality wrapped in dreams, hopes, and goals. Knowing your residents' names is the first step in creating a community where their personality will flourish and their dreams and hopes will take flight. Of all of the resident retention tips we train our associates to follow, knowing … [Read more...]

Use Apartment Amenities to Your Advantage

Use Apartment Amenities to Your Advantage

Having the right apartment amenities is essential in today's ever-competitive apartment industry. From swimming pools to community lounges, potential residents weigh the features and amenities available just as much as they consider lease terms and rental costs. This is why it is important for community managers to highlight the features and benefits … [Read more...]